School Conferences

Pollyanna offers two conference models that can be hosted at school or on Zoom: the Multi-School Conference and the Intra-School Conference. Each has the goal of creating a stronger community and generating Actionable Ideas. When you sign on with Pollyanna, you are assigned a Project Manager who will work with you and your school and walks your team through all aspects of planning and hosting.

Click here to view a video about the extraordinary Intra-Conference at the Brentwood School in Los Angeles in May 2022.

Multi-School Conference

Pollyanna’s original conference emphasizes our motto “Every Voice Matters” by welcoming all constituent groups at schools in the conference conversation: administrators, alumni, diversity, equity and inclusion practitioners, faculty, heads of schools, parents, students, trustees. The school that hosts this conference in a designated geographic region welcomes peer schools in that region to discuss challenges and effective practices around a specific diversity, equity and inclusion topic, and generate actionable Ideas to create movement at each of the attending schools.


Intra-School Conference

Pollyanna designed the Intra-Conference as an institutional capacity-building opportunity for schools that want to deepen their knowledge, enhance practices and improve skills in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion. The Intra-Conference informs the community and provides a platform for sharing personal experiences, expressing opinions and perspectives, and generating ideas and solutions for growth.

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