Pollyanna is a national nonprofit helping academic institutions and corporations achieve their diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging goals.






Community and organization-wide assessments, and communications assessments collect and synthesize feedback pertaining to inclusivity, along with the guidance needed to implement systemic change.






Pollyanna’s free K-12 Racial Literacy Curriculum is designed to help students gain knowledge about race as it has been constructed in the United States.





A range of trainings and workshops aimed at supporting educators, leadership teams, Board of Trustees, families, or executives in driving intentional change across their institutions.


Supporting Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Goals


Pollyanna Conferences

Click to view a video about the extraordinary Intra-Conference at the Brentwood School in Los Angeles. The Conference took place in May 2022 and welcomed over 1200 people from the Brentwood community.

Pollyanna's Free K-12 Racial Literacy Curriculum

Please download Pollyanna’s K-12 Racial Literacy Curriculum and email us for assistance implementing. Without a sincere effort to understand the historical roots and current problems caused by race and racism, we will continue to passively accept the status quo.

Position Papers

We’ve written a position paper titled: Pollyanna Curriculum & Learning for Justice Review to help faculty when implementing our curriculum. Click here to read additional Position Papers.


Myths About Pollyanna

We’ve picked four of the most common myths that we have heard from opponents of our racial literacy work and have highlighted them in this resource. These myths threaten to undo our work, so we must undo them.


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Contact Us: info@pollyannainc.org

Contact Us: info@pollyannainc.org