Pollyanna offers two DEI assessment models: the Curriculum Assessment and the Cross-Constituent Assessment. Each is designed to conduct deep analysis and provide clear recommendations for updating curriculum or on-going DEI initiatives.


Constituent Assessments

If a school or organization wants to investigate cultural and environmental perspectives on DEI topics, a Constituent Assessment is designed and implemented and consists of online surveys, focus groups and a comprehensive summary of both qualitative and quantitative data to provide infrastructure for on-going initiatives.

Pollyanna will examine and evaluate with great depth the information that has been collected, accurately organize findings, and present a clear and concise report assessing inclusion and belonging at the School.



Communications/DEIB Assessments

If you seek external experts to review communications materials and processes and make recommendations for improvement, we offer a comprehensive approach. The overarching goal is to ensure that marketing and communications is inclusive of all members of the school community.

Pollyanna will evaluate school publications, websites, marketing materials, etc. and provide honest and actionable feedback.


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