Pollyanna Teen Council connects any students with an interest in diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging work in their school community, and empowers them to make change in whatever ways are possible.

About Pollyanna Teen Council


Pollyanna Teen Council consists of 8th-12th graders (13-18 year olds) from across the U.S. who are committed to helping their schools achieve their DEIB goals. We hold interesting and informative monthly programming. Monthly sessions feature a special keynote speaker followed by a themed group discussion centering on ways to improve each member’s individual school community.




Pollyanna Teen Council is led by Destynée, based in New York, and Josie, based in California. We also have three new junior leaders: Ava, Emerson and Marcus. We’re excited to have their voices with us this year!


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Your voice matters! Monthly meetings are not school-related and faculty chaperones are not necessary. We will have an adult from Pollyanna present on all Zooms.

Please use this form to join us and let us know you’re interested in coming to some or all of our monthly meetings.

We’re excited to post our 2022-23 season! All discussions take place on Zoom from 3PM-4:30PM ET, 12PM-1:30PM PT.

9/17/22 - Everyone Wants to Belong: Being an Advocate, Activist, Accomplice

Author Charles Vogl

1/7/23 - Religious and Spiritual Diversity in Our Schools

Educator Jason Craige Harris

4/22/23 - Young Leaders and Advocates Make a Difference

Facilitator, Writer Ali Michael

10/15/22 Representation & Inclusion in Our School Curriculums

Head of School Rodney Glasgow

2/11/23 - Promoting Free Speech and Equality Values

Legal Scholar Olatunde Johnson

5/13/23 - Celebrating Advocacy: Shining Light on Artists

Artist King David 

11/19/22 - Celebrating LGBTQIA+ Diversity in Our Schools

Educator, Author, Advocate Schuyler Bailar

3/11/23 - Banned Books in School

Christine Emeran, Youth Free Expression Director, NCAC


 Special thanks to our guests during the 2021-22 season. Below is our list of topics and guests:

10/9/21 – Teen Pollyanna Kick-Off – Jason Craige Harris, facilitator 

11/6/21 – Civic Engagement – DeNora Getachew, CEO dosomething.org

12/11/21 – DEIB Work at our Schools – Erica Corbin, Head of School 

1/22/22 – Contributions of Others – Marianne Macrae, Robin Hood Foundation

2/12/22 – Be an Advocate, Ally, Activist – Semeka Smith-Williams, DEI Practitioner

3/5/22 – Having Difficult Conversations – Megan Hogan, Chief Diversity Officer Goldman Sachs

4/9/22 – Pledge Projects –  Scott Warren, Specialist at USAID 

5/14/22 – Reflecting and Planning – Bill Konigsberg, author


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